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Created 17-Jan-13
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My Northern Michigan Playing Card Deck contains 54 different playing card faces with a scenic collage on the back of each card. Retail Price: $6.00/deck.
Decks are sold individually or by the dozen. Wholesale pricing available for qualified resellers.
Northern Michigan Playing Card deck (Reverse side of Cards)Northern Michigan Playing Card Deck BoxJokers for Northern Michigan Playing Card Deck by Aubrieta V. HopeExamples of Playing Card Faces in Northern Michigan Playing Card DeckDisplay Box for Northern Michigan Playing Card Deck by Aubrieta V. Hope

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Guestbook for Northern Michigan Playing Card Decks
Chris Phillips(non-registered)
Can I buy these on a website? I cannot find any website to purchase? Thank you
Julia Pollex(non-registered)
How do I purchase these? I miss Michigan!!!!
Dianne DuPont(non-registered)
I need two more boxes (12 each box) of Michigan playing cards. You were right they sell like hot cakes.
Round Lake Bookstore
216 Bridge Street
Charlevoix MI 49720
Call me if you need a credit card before you send them.
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