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Created 24-Jul-15
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Keywords:Aurora Borealis Michigan, Autumn Reflections, Boardwalk, Dune, Empire Bluffs, Esch Beach, Fog, Great Lakes Photos, Historic D.H. Day Barn, Lake Michigan Photos, Petoskey Stones, Pyramid Point, Sand Dune Sunrise, Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes Park, Sleepy Bear Dunes, Snow, Storm, Stormy Skies, Sunset Skies, Trail

"Aurora in the Moonlight, Sleeping Bear Dunes"'August Aurora at Overlook #9, Sleeping Bear Dunes""Moonlight Magic at Overlook #9, Sleeping Bear Dunes""Stormy Sunset at Overlook #9""Storm Breakers, Lake Michigan"''Storms Arriving, Empire Bluff Overlook""Sunset Skies at Sleeping Bear Dunes""Shipwreck Sunset, Platte Bay""Sunset at Empire Bluff Trail""Storming the Bluff""Last Light, Sleeping Bear Point""Sunset at Empire Bluff Overlook""Crashing Waves at Empire Beach""Autumn Sunset at Overlook 9, Scenic Drive""Summer Sunset, Esch Beach""Blue Hour at the D. H. Day Barn, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore""September Sunset""Petoskey Stones & Other Precious Pebbles""Stormy Sunset at Overlook #9""Sleeping Bear Night Lights"