37.Ken Wilcox(non-registered)
Beautiful photographs! I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your site.
36.Constance Edwards(non-registered)
I am interested in purchasing a couple of your photographs!
34.Steven Barron(non-registered)
Always love to see awesome photos of Michigan!
32.Joe Verschaeve(non-registered)
I just spent last Saturday with Ruthie Popa and a few of her children and grandchildren. Your depictions of the Peaceful Valley were discussed with much gratitude and appreciation. When Tom Popa passed our community was left without its best farmer and friend. Your photos do his memory great service. Thank you.
30.Marci Beck(non-registered)
I have to say your beautiful images make me long for home! I was born and raised in Ishpeming, MI, and was wondering if you had any photos of that area?
29.Karen Lange
As a life-long resident of Michigan, I am so proud of our beautiful state and really enjoy pictures of our beautiful state.
28.John Gerlach(non-registered)

I was looking at your Bond Falls shot in winter - just wonderful and I hope to get that sunstar in the sea cave this summer. Keep up the good shooting Aubrieta! I am in Kanab, UT photographing White Pockets, Horseshoe Bend this morning, and the incredible scenes in South Coyote Buttes. I am spending the next two months photographing the southwest. I have tried to get a pass to the wave in the lottery, but no success. I have only once done well in a lottery and that was the one nobody wants to do well in - the Viet Nam draft.
27.Mindy Scherr & Ruthie Popa(non-registered)
Hi Aubrieta! We came to visit!
26.Rose Sutkowi(non-registered)
A friend from college alerted me of your work . So happy she did. You capture amazing shots
25.Stacy Hanna(non-registered)
I just discovered your work through your article posted on Pure Michigan's Facebook page. I love seeing other female landscape photographers and I felt compelled to tell you that your imagery is beautiful. I think we love the same things - photography, nature, Nikons, and the beauty of northern Michigan. I can't wait to see more of your adventures. Keep trekking and keep inspiring.
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